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Tool Rentals

We rent a range of Tube Cleaners and Tube Tools

  • Tube Cleaners (Electric and Pneumatic)
  • Flexible Shafts for Tube Cleaners
  • Tube Testers
  • Tube Gauge (3/4” size only)
  • One Revolution Tube Cutters (3/4” size only)
  • Tube Pullers
  • Rolling Motors and Torque Controls
  • Pneumatic Rolling Motors

Tool Repairs

We repair a range of Tube Tools

  • All brands of Tube Cleaners (Commonwealth, Goodway, TC Wilson & Elliot)
  • Tube Expanders
  • Tube Cutters
  • Tube Pullers
  • Tube Gauges
  • Any tools from TC Wilson and Elliott
  • Tube Testers

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