When tubes in a Heat Exchanger, Chiller, Boiler or other vessel are pitted, leaking, or damaged, the unit may be retubed. Retubing is multistep process that will involve the removal and installation of new tubes. GTT OnSET is able to provide all the necessary tools for retubing small and large vessels from both TC Wilson and Elliott. This provides our customers with the best selection of the highest quality tube tools. When you need to retube an Heat Exchanger or Boiler we sell the best tools in the business from TC Wilson and Elliott Tool Technologies for removal and installation of tubes.

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GTT provides Retubing Installation & Removal Services.

Download a Catalog and contact us with your requirements.

TC Wilson Catalog – Heat Exchanger Expanders & Tools.pdf
TC Wilson Catalog – Boiler Expanders & tools.pdf
Elliott – Tool Catalog.pdf