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WAM-5500 Auto Tube Puncher
NEW! WAM-5500 Auto Tube Puncher
Self Contained and FAST (Pg 1/3)
This new product reduces cleaning time by an average of 50% - effectively doubling the amount of cleaning that can be performed in the same amount of time compared to units without self-feeding functionality. A feeder gun controls shaft rotation, shaft feed and the water flow. By just pressing the top of the trigger you will rotate the shaft clockwise, start water flow and feed the shaft & casing into the tube. By pressing bottom of the trigger you will reverse the shaft rotation and pull out the shaft & casing from the inside of the tube. The distance to be cleaned is set by an adjustable “shaft & casing length stop unit" and the shaft feed stops when it reaches the set distance.
Features Include:
Auto-feed rate of 4.2 ft/s (1.3 m/s)
Feed force of 60 lbs (267N)
1 HP Motor
Shaft Speed of 1725 RPM
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